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Welcome to Adelaide Bound    

Are you planning to move to or migrate to Adelaide?

Adelaide Bound was launched during our own migration process in 2006. The aim of Adelaide Bound is to provide anybody that is migrating to Adelaide and South Australia an information point. I am not a migration expert in any way and do not endorse or promote any websites featured on Adelaide Bound.

When we first decided to migrate to Adelaide, Australia ourselves we found a lot of hours were spent researching the areas and finding information which was extremely time consuming and sometimes frustrating.

It made sense for me (as a web designer) to put together the information I had found and am hoping that Adelaide Bound will make your life a little easier, and your move to Adelaide a little less stressful, by having the information you will need for migration in one, easy to use website.


Migrating to Adelaide, South Australia

We realise what a hard and frustrating journey it can be - from that initial decision to migrate to landing in South Australia.

Moving half way round the world is no easy task and once you arrive in Adelaide you are faced with a whole new list of things to organise to start your new life. We have got together with just a few of the experts to provide you with some useful tips and advice throughout the stages.

We have put together a checklist of things to do when you first arrive in Adelaide and can even assist you on arrival if needed with our relocation packages.

On Arrival Accommodation is one of the first things to sort out so that you have a base to stay in during those first few weeks. Check out the pages for short term furnished rentals, caravan parks, apartments and hotels/motels.

Our Finance pages provide useful information as well as links to opening a migrant banking account from the UK, transferring your money to Australia and what to do on arrival with regards to activating your accounts and obtaining your tax file number.


Koala   Port Noarlunga Jetty   Adelaide Botanic Gardens


Living in Adelaide, South Australia

Your families health cover is covered in our Healthcare section with information on Medicare (similar to the UK NHS) and private health cover plans. Did you know you will need ambulance cover in South Australia? The emergency services number in Australia is 000.

Our Schools pages will give you a good base to start looking at schooling around Adelaide. Child day care for younger children within working families will also be a factor for some as well as which benefits from Centrelink you may be entitled too to assist your family on your arrival to South Australia.

You will also find sections on getting work, getting around and places to visit in your free time. South Australia is a great place for families and there is plenty to go and explore once you have settled into your new life!

Deciding where to live is a key factor in your new life in Australia. This may be a hard choice and, although it is good to listen to feedback from others, is a decision you will need to make. We have included suburb information and maps to give you an idea of locations. Take a day or two on arrival to drive around the different areas and gauge what is going to suit your family needs and your budget. It will also give you an idea of traveling times which may be more, or less, than you thought.

South Australia provides some of Australia's most affordable housing. Another decision you will make is if you will buy, build or rent. See the 'Your New Home' section to see information on all three areas of renting, buying and building and the things you need to know. We have also listed the major utilities suppliers so that you have somewhere to start once you find your home. For many, moving to Australia provides another dream - to have your house built. This is not as complicated as it may seem and we provide links to land, houses and land & house packages from builders.

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Adelaide Pandas. Wang Wang and Funi are the only Pandas living in the southern hemisphere and will live at Adelaide Zoo for the next ten years. Watch them live on the Pandacam





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