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Adelaide Bound - Our Story

Like many of you using this website we decided that the time had come to make some changes in our life, and so looked into the possibility of migrating. Looking back it seems a lifetime ago, as time since has gone so quickly!

In April 2006 we decided that we would migrate to Australia. We knew the application would not be easy due to self employment and several other factors so enlisted the help of Go Matilda migration agents. Our visa type settled the choice of where to settle and South Australia was chosen for us. Throughout the process over the coming months thousands of questions flew through our minds .

We had never been to Australia before so looked into different areas and suburbs around Adelaide while researching as much as we could online during our visa process. This at times was incredibly frustrating! As a web designer it made sense to put everything together for easy access on some web pages. It was at this time that we put together the migration website - Adelaide Bound. At first it was simply a way of tying together all of the information we had found but over time it has gone on to become one of the largest resources for people migrating to Adelaide and South Australia and we now partner with larger companies to provide you with more information and tips.


Southport Beach   Kangaroo   Port Broughton   Pelicans


We moved to Adelaide in 2007 with our young daughter where we settled into one of the southern beach suburbs. For us there was everything we needed on the doorstep, great beaches, just 30 minutes to Adelaide City Centre, short drive to wineries, malls and an entertainment complex - pretty much everything a family needs!

Now we are settled and Australia is our home, but we remember the early days when everything was so daunting and there seems so much that has to be done in those first weeks here. We found it incredibly daunting at first with no local knowledge while trying to find somewhere to live, paperwork to arrange, schools etc. The simplest thing can seem so much bigger when in new and unfamiliar surroundings, especially if you are feeling alone with no friends or family to support you! We are hoping that Adelaide Bound can help take some of the stress away from your migration by offering you the information you need.


Onkaparinga River   Botanic Gardens   Parrot   Victor Harbor


While we make every effort to make sure the links are all working and that the information we provide is up to date, Adelaide Bound is not a huge corporate company, so things may get overlooked. If you notice a link not working or find a web link that you think would be useful to others please let us know.

We also welcome feedback and if you feel there is something we have missed that maybe useful to other migrants please let us know.

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