What to do first?

It’s suddenly very real when you land at Adelaide Airport and realise this is the beginning of your new life. There are a few things you need to do legally to set yourself up ready for your Australian life, but first head to your short term accommodation and catch your breath!


If you have set yourself up with a migrant banking account already you will need to go into a branch and activate this. You would have received the paperwork required to take to branch along with your passport and visa details. It’s a simple process and allows you to verify your identity and allows access to any funds you may have already transferred.

If you haven’t set yourself up with a migrant bank account simply head into any local banking branch along with your passport and visa to open a new account.

  • ANZ – migrant banking account
  • Commonwealth – migrant bank account
  • NAB – migrant bank account
  • Westpac – migrant banking


If you are on a permanent visa and eligible for family tax allowance (similar to child benefit in the UK) you will need to visit a Centrelink office or apply online for any benefits you are entitled too.

  • Australia Gov – info for migrants arriving and what they can claim
  • My Gov – easy online access to all services and benefits


Basic necessary healthcare is free in Australia and minimal charges for doctors visits, prescription etc under Medicare. You will need to register for a Mediacre card upon arrival for you and your family members. There are also plenty of options for private healthcare if you decide you need more services with better cover of costs.

You will also need Ambulance cover if not opting for private healthcare as there is a callout charge which can run into hundreds of dollars if not covered in South Australia.

Working and Tax

Lucky enough to already have work lined up? Let your employer know you have arrived and sort any details regarding starting work and visit them with any paperwork they may need. All those working living in Australia need a TFN (tax file number) to identify you for tax purposes. This should be set up as soon as possible and can easily be done online. If you are planning on being a sub-contractor or self employed you will also need an ABN (Australian Business Number) which is required for those sending invoices or purchasing to claim back against taxable income.


You will need to go and pick up your South Australian driving licence. If you hold a current UK driving licence you are able to simply show this to be eligible without any driving test. Be aware that South Australian driving licences are renewable and you are able to chose how long to renew for upon payment from 1 to 10 years.


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