On Arrival Accommodation


Short term furnished rental accommodation makes an ideal base for a recci trip, holiday or when you first arrive in your new life down under. You get more of a ‘home from home’ feeling that you would not find in a hotel for instance.

Below are websites from a selection of privately owned furnished 2,3 and 4 bed rentals located around Adelaide. They are fully furnished with everything you will need during your stay and provide a perfect place to stay while waiting for your container to arrive when migrating to Adelaide. Another bonus is that most of the owners will be local and on hand to provide useful tips.

There are also a few property directories where you can search for furnished short term rentals and can be used to find a suitable rental in your budget in your preferred location.

Here you will find a few basic links to get you started, then simply work your way through the pages to find more information and links to assist you through your migration process. Good luck on starting your journey towards a new life in South Australia!

Other Short Term Accommodation Options

There are other options to renting out furnished houses or apartments. You can chose to opt for a weekly booking in a motel or caravan park (many have furnished villas). These options are great for smaller families or couples, or those that have something lined up already and may only need to cover a few days or a week or two before settling. A quick google search will bring up plenty of options in your area of choice. Here are a couple of links to get you started –

Get the experts in to move your belongings across the world. This page will give you information on what to do when you are ready to make the move to South Australia

International Shipping Information

You will need to transfer money into an Australian bank account for your new life. Here you can find links to migration bank accounts, money transfer agents and info on transferring any pensions you may hold.

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Once you have arranged shippers, finances etc you need to get there yourself! Here you can find info on flights into Adelaide and possible stop over destinations on your way to your new life.

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migrate to adelaide
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short term adelaide accommodation