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Buying a New or Used Car in Adelaide and South Australia

When you arrive in Adelaide you will, no doubt, be in search of a car. Due to the distances around Adelaide and South Australia many families find they end up with two cars to stay practical. There are many dealerships around Adelaide offering both new and used cars.

One of the first things you will notice when buying a used car is that the cars keep their condition extremely well in South Australia and it is not unusual for a car ten years older or more looking practically new! As a result of this the second hand car values are higher than that in the UK so expect to pay more for a used car here.

In South Australia it is not currently a legal neccessity to have an MOT of any kind on cars to it is a good idea to try and make sure you have the service history of any car you decide to buy. Many dealers will offer some sort of limited warranty even on used cars.

It is, of course, possible to import your car or motorcycle into Australia from the UK. You will need to be aware of the costs involved and then weigh up if it is indeed practical or if it would be cheaper for you to purchase a new car on arrival. Below you will find import/export info for vehicles as well as the red book to give you an idea of current car values.


Links for buying new and used cars in and around Adelaide
Adelaide Hills Toyota - Adelaide Hills Toyota is a Toyota centre in Mount Barker
Adelaide Vehicle Centre - Quality used vehicles at Adelaide Vehicle Centre
Auto Pages - Auto Pages provides a selection of used cars for sale
Car Dealerships Adelaide - Car dealerships in and around Adelaide
Car Point - Search for New and Used Cars in Adelaide
Car Sales - Search for new and used cars to buy
Cars Guide - New and Used Cars
City Holden - New and Used Cars at City Holden
CMI Toyota - CMI Toyota New and Used Car Centre
arrow - Search for used cars to buy
Government Auctions - times and locations of government car auctions
Grand Nissan - New and Used Cars at Grand Nissan
Jarvis Cars - New and Used Cars
Metro Holden - New and Used Cars
Paul Middleton Auto Brokers - view a selection of available cars to buy
Southgate Holden - New and Used Cars
Southland - Mitsubishi Cars
Trading Post - search for used cars
Importing cars into Australia and car value guides
Importing A Car - Guide to importing your car into South Australia
UK Car Shipping - Shippers of Cars, Motorcycles, Boats, Yachts and Trucks
The Red Book - Car and Motorcycle Market Values at red Book Asia

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