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Insurance plans in Adelaide and South Australia for your car and home

Insuring your car - In Adelaide and South Australia you will have CPT (Compulsory Third Party) Insurance included in your rego (similar to UK road tax) for your car. You can find more information of what this covers here but you will also need to arrange your own car insurance to cover yourself and your car.

Most companies are quite happy to take into account any no claims years you have accrued in the UK so long as you can provide some sort of proof such as a letter or statement from your previous insurers. As with anything, shop around for a few quotes and compare what is on offer before deciding.

Insuring your home - If you are planning to buy your own home then you will need to take out both building and contents cover. If you are renting a property then, as a tenant, it is your responsibility to ensure you have cover for your belongings and furnishings. The owner of the property will cover the insurance of the building.

There are many companies that cover all types of insurance such as car, home, and life - they will often offer discounts for items bundled together so it is worth shopping around and securing a few quotes.


Car Insurance
AAMI - Car Insurance
Allianz - Car Insurance
Aussie - Car Insurance
Australian Unity - Car Insurance
Bingle - Online low cost car insurance
Budget Direct - Car Insurance
Real Insurance - Motor Insurance
SGIC - Car Insurance
RAA - Car and breakdown Insurance
Building and Contents Insurance
AAMI - selection of home and contents insurances
Allianz - insurance for home, life, business and car from Allianz
Aussie - home insurance and more
Australian Unity - Home & Contents Insurance from Australian Unity
Budget Direct - Home & Contents Insurance from Budget Direct
ING - Get an online quote from ING for home and contents insurance
Real Insurance - Home Insurance from real Insurance
SGIC - Home Insurance from SGIC
Westpac - Insurance for home, contents, car, contents and more

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