International Shipping Companies

When you are ready to move your family half way around the move, it stands to reason you will be taking your possessions with you. An international shipping company can simplify this process for you.

What to take, how much will it cost?

The larger international shipping companies will provide a free home visit to prepare a quote. You can walk them through your home so they can get an idea of content. They will then give you an indication of the size of container you will need, how long it will take to pack up for you and cost. The larger companies will descend on your home on the arranged day, efficiently packing your belongings for transport. Most importantly they will advise of any items you cannot take due to customs regulations. They will also complete a complete itinery of all items for customs on arrival. We recommend getting at least 3 quotes and go with the one you feel offers you the best service. We opted for the middle priced option on our quotes as felt they offered better value than the cheapest with the services included. Make sure you go through your quotes to ensure they are like for like on services when comparing costs. You are also able to ensure your goods for transport through them in case of any damge enroute to Australia.

Once your goods arrive in Australia you will be notified and arrangements can be made for delivery to your new home.

There are links below that will assist you in finding an international shipping company. These are experts in moving your household possessions, cars, even pets around the world.

What can you and can’t you bring to Australia?

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Information on classes of Visa along with how to find a migration agent if required.

Visa for South Australia Migration

You will need to transfer money into an Australian bank account for your new life. Here you can find links to migration bank accounts, money transfer agents and info on transferring any pensions you may hold.

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Once you have arranged shippers, finances etc you need to get there yourself! Here you can find info on flights into Adelaide and possible stop over destinations on your way to your new life.

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