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Migration Agents - assistance in obtaining your visa to Australia

Many people do complete their visa application without assistance, others have more complicated applications or prefer the peace of mind of using a migration agent to assist them. It is recommended that any visa agents you use is a current registered migration agent. Both the MARA and MIA websites will have lists of such agents for your peace of mind.

Many migration agents will provide you with a free initial assessment to see if you qualify to apply for a visa. It is a good idea to have a chat with a few migration agents to see if you are comfortable with them and to confident in heir abilities- after all, you are paying these people to help you with your visa application and will be dealing with them over a period of time. Choosing an agent that you feel at ease with will be easier than one you feel you should not bother should any queries arise through the process!

Mia and Mara - what are they and why do they matter?

The Office of the MARA is an office attached to the Department of Immigration and Citizenship. The Office of the MARA administers the functions of the Migration Agents Registration Authority, which is set out in s316 of the Migration Act 1958 (the Act). Key objectives of MARA are to ensure that:

  • all complaints about the services of registered, or formerly registered migration agents are appropriately addressed
  • only suitable persons are registered as migration agents, and unsuitable persons are refused registration or re-registration
  • registered agents maintain appropriate knowledge to enable them to provide accurate advice to consumers
  • the Office of the MARA works collaboratively with the department and other bodies such as prosecuting or regulatory authorities to address the activities of agents outside its mandate
  • consumers understand their rights and agents understand their obligations under the regulatory framework.

The Migration Institute of Australia (MIA) is the professional association for Australian migration service providers worldwide, working together for the benefit of Australia. The MIA represents almost 2,000 registered migration agents who provide professional migration services to families, businesses and industries throughout Australia.

MIA members commit to operate in accordance with the MIA Code of Ethics, as well as the compulsory Code of Conduct for all registered migration agents. This provides extra assurance to anyone seeking a migration agent that choosing a MIA member is a smart move.

So, in simple english, choosing a registered migration agent ensures peace of mind for you and the knowledge that your agent will know what they are doing!


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