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About South Australia

South Australia provides an array of landscapes from rolling vineyards to stunning beaches, metropolitan city life to the stunning outback and everything in between. The great thing about living in South Australia is that whatever you enjoy there is bound to be something here for you. Once you have settled in your new life there is plenty of opportunity to get out and explore without being too far from home.

Large areas of South Australia are covered by the outback which reaches extreme temperatures and remain dry all year. The areas along the coast which are more populated share the same climate as Adelaide. A mediterranean climate with hot summers and cool winters.

South Australia tends to get more 'seasons' than other Australian states and the Winter, although not as cold as the UK, can be quite a shock to some as the houses are not as well equipped against cooler conditions as those most of us are used too before moving here.

it may also be that you chose to live and work outside of metropolitan Adelaide. Below we have listed guides to some of the areas and what they offer.


South Australia regions
Barossa - Guide to the Barossa
Clare Valley - Guide to the Clare Valley
Eyre Peninsula - Guide to the Eyre Peninsula
Fleurieu Peninsula - Guide to the Fleurieu Peninsula
Flinders Ranges & Outback - Guide to the Flinders Ranges
Kangaroo Island - one of the world's unspoiled wildernesses at Kangaroo Island
Limestone Coast - Guide to the Limestone Coast
Murraylands- Guide to the Murraylands
Riverland - Guide to the Riverlands
Yorke Peninsula - Guide to the Yorke Peninsula
Other useful resources
Australian Explorer - Guide to Australian States with photos
Encyclopedia of South Australian Culture - learn the differences in culture
Event Search - find out what is going on and where in South Australia
Parks & Reserves - a guide to parks and reserves in South Australia
South Australia - South Australia Tourism website
State Heritage Areas - locations and info on State heritage areas in South Australia
Tour South Australia - guide to the areas of South Australia
Weather - find up to date weather information for any area within Australia
Wikipedia - Geography of South Australia


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