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Tax and wages in Adelaide and South Australia

Once you decide to migrate to Adelaide you will need to research jobs and wages. You will need a tax file number before commencing work in Australia. This can done at the tax office itself or a much easier option is to complete it online. It will take approx 20 minutes to complete the online form and you will be given a reference number whilst your tax file number is posted to your home address. For some trades people additional skills assessment and/or licensing is also necessary prior to commencing work.

Before leaving for Australia you can gauge how much you may be earning on your arrival by using some of the wages guides listed below. Using job searches will also give you an indication on wages and how in demand your skills will be as well as contacting employment agencies. Links to these can be found on the other Working in South Australia pages on this website. There are many professional associations you can join and use to find information for trades and professions in Australia. Job descriptions will assist you with yours skills assessment in the initial stages and to compare your experience with.

This section provides links to websites where you can apply for a tax file number online and get tax and wages information along with help writing your resume (CV) when applying for jobs in Australia.


Tax in Australia
Tax - Australian Tax Office website
Tax File Number - information and how to obtain your Tax File Number online
Tax File Number - Australian Tax File Number (TFN) Explained
Tax Tools - Calculator for tax
Tax Tools - Calculator for Medicare Levy
Xpatria - Tax advice for expats
Wages Info for South Australia
AC People - career development advice for working in Australia
Careers Online - career research and resume assistance
Job Guide - in-depth look at occupations within Australia
Nurses Board South Australia - guide for nurses wishing to work in Adelaide, SA
Occupational Licensing (Trades etc) - obtaining trade licence's where required to work in Adelaide
My Future - Occupation Fact Sheets
Safe Work - Wages & Conditions in South Australia
SAPOL - South Australia Police
arrow - information on wage structure across Australia
Wage Net - Wages and Conditions by Australian state
Resume (CV) writing
AC People - Resume advice
Aussie Resumes - Professional Australian resume service
Career One - Australian Resume Advice and Guidance
Red Star Resume - Professional Australian resume service
Resume Partners - professional resume writers and advice
Resume Right – Resumes for Professionals by Professionals
Resume Solutions - professional resume writers


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