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Transferring Your Money to Australia

It is not only you that will be moving half way round the world but, more often than not, it will be your cash and pensions too. Below are links to specialists in this field that can make the financial transition a little easier for you. There are numerous companies to assist with your funds transfer when migrating and check exchange rates. It is best to find out rates and fees from various companies and compare before choosing which to use.

Quite often the larger foreign exchange services will offer you the chance to 'lock in' an exchange rate. This is worthwhile if the exchange rate is favourable before you are quite ready to transfer the money to Australia and ensures that even if the rate were to drop you will have secured yours. Unfortunately it also means if the rate goes up you could lose out so it is worth getting professional advice!


Oz Forex
Transferring finances to Australia
Currencies Direct - money transfer/exchange
Exchange - transferring your funds
Excel Currencies - Money transfer/exchange with Excel Currencies
HIFX - transfer your funds to Australia with HIFX
Halo Financial - money transfers
OzForex - Foreign Exchange Transfers with OzForex
Pure FX - Foreign exchange transfers
Transfer your pensions - transferring your pension to Australia
Tranzfers - Fixed fee Transfer company
Finance Summary - Stay up to date with daily and weekly updates
Exchange rates
Currency Finder - compare UK currency providers for best rate
Currency Converter - HIFX Exchange Rates
Finance Summary - Stay up to date with daily and weekly updates


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