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Visa Options to migrate to Adelaide and South Australia

This section provides information to help you with the different migration visa types and information on processing times, skills required and medicals. Your starting point for migrating to Australia.

There are many different Visa's that you can apply for when you decide to migrate to Adelaide and the first hurdle is finding the one that is right for you. Both the DIMIA website and the Immigration South Australia website have extensive information on the visa types and the requirements you will need to meet to obtain your Visa.

Not sure which Visa you may be suitable for? You can follow a simple questionnaire here to find out. For many of us we will need to achieve a number of points to be eligible to apply for a visa to Australia. You can check if your skill is listed below and check your points in the Migration Booklet 6 - full details are given to work them out.

Applying for a visa can be a confusing and lengthy process. Some of the links below will assist you in gaining information on visa types, processing times for different visa categories, where to go for your medicals and what you can expect.

NEWS - -South Australia has now launched the new State Migration Plan - more details can be found here


PSS removals
DIAC information on migration visas to Australia
DIMIA(Department of Immigration & MultiCultural Affairs) - Information on Visas
Immigration South Australia - South Australian Visa Options and Information
Migration Booklet 6 - Extensive details for Visa applicants
Points Test - See how many points are required for a visa and if you meet the requirements
Whats New - updates on changes to visa criteria, skills etc
Are your skills needed?
SOL - Check the SOL list to see if your occupation qualifies you to apply for a visa
Which visa?
Business Visa - Information on business visa types for South Australia
Employer Sponsorship Visa - Information on gaining employer sponsorship visas and criteria
Family Migration - Family Sponsored Visa Options
Retirement Visas - Retirement Visa Info for South Australia
Skilled Visa - Information on skilled visa types for South Australia
Student Visa - Live and study in South Australia
Visa timelines
Aus Timeline - view timelines of visa applications from others
Visa Application Times - send an email for latest processing times on visa applications
Medicals and Police Checks
Medicals Information - forms to download and requirements for medicals
Migration Medicals - What to expect from your migration medicals
Panel Doctors - Where to go for Medicals for your Australian Visa application
Other useful resources
Australia High Commission - London
Emigrate 2 - For all your emigration needs
Migration Agents - List of registered migration agents
Renewing British Passports - From Australia
Telediscount - Cheap Calls from UK to Australia
Transferring Funds - information on transferring your money to Australia


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