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What to do on arrival in Adelaide and South Australia

Well you have managed to get your visa, you have moved yourself and your family half way around the world and arrived in Adelaide - now what?

It can be a huge culture shock on arrival. Everything is unfamiliar with you to start with and you will not have the support you may have had from friends and family in the UK. There are numerous things that should be done asap such as finding a home and car to get around bit it is the other little bits and pieces that need to be done that can get confusing.

We have provided a list below with the links to anything you can do simply online (online links are in bold) in one place to make life a little easier for you. We have also found a few websites with some great info for newly arrived migrants too.


Things to do on arrival for migrants in Australia
Activate Bank Account - visit your bank with passport etc to activate your funds for use.
Ambulance Cover - purchased by phoning or at Post Offices by completing the download form
Australian Sim card for Mobile Phone - visit any supermarket/mobile store to easily purchase a simcard
Buy a car - make sure you shop around, do not buy the first car at the first garage!
Centrelink - apply for any benefits you may be eligible for
Find a Rental - start looking as soon as possible for a more permanent home
Find School and register - once you have an idea of where to live view the schools and register
Medicare - apply for your medicare card at any Medicare office. You can download the forms to complete
South Australian Drivers Licence - take your UK drivers licence to purchase your Australian licence
Tax File Number - apply online for your tax file number before starting work
Some other useful resources for newly arrived migrants to South Australia
Migration SA - Once you are here


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