Time to settle down – buying, building, renting your first Australian home


Buying your first new home when arriving in Adelaide will without doubt be your most expensive purchase. There are numerous real estate search sites you can use enabling you to look for homes within your budget in your preferred areas. Most of the major real estate companies list on Real Estate and Domain saving you hours of wading through papers and visiting or phoning realtors. We have included links to these below along with some of the larger Real estate companies.

Building or expanding your home

We have links below to Conveyancers and additional useful information when buying a house in Adelaide. Unless you are lucky enough to find you dream house you may need to consider landscapers, maintenance or even adding a pool so we have included links to this info for you.

Renting your first home

If you are not in the position to purchase a house, or looking for a base while you build, then renting is your option. Prices will vary greatly depending on the age of the home and the area so it’s good to look around. Renting is quite popular in Australia and it is not unusual for several people to be up against each other for the same property so keep your options open and don’t settle on one house that you like!

Here you will find a few basic links to get you started, then simply work your way through the pages to find more information and links to assist you through your migration process. Good luck on starting your journey towards a new life in South Australia!

Links for property search websites for buying or renting homes in and around Adelaide

Real Estate Agents

Conveyancers and House Values

Cost Calculators

First Time Buyers


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